The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One – Crispy

The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One - Crispy (McDonald's Wrap of the for Monday and Saturday)
2226 kJ | 532 kcal

Also available in Grilled Chicken

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day for Saturday and Monday?

The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Crispy

Treat yourself to McDonald’s Wrap of the Day every Monday and Saturday, featuring ‘The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One – Crispy’. This mouth-watering wrap is packed with a crispy chicken breast, coated with a rich Caesar-style sauce, topped with crunchy onions and tasty smoky bacon. All these delicious ingredients are placed within crisp lettuce and wrapped closely in a warm, toasted tortilla, delivering a delightful blend of flavors in every bite.

Enjoy each mouthful, blending textures and flavors perfectly, all within a serving of just 532 kcal (2226 kJ). If you’re craving extra crunch, try it with crispy chicken. Make your Mondays and Saturdays extra special with this tasty option from McDonald’s wraps menu!

The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Crispy Ingredients

Chicken Select

Chicken Crispy

McDonald's Large Tortilla

Large Tortilla Wrap

McDonald's Caesar Style Sauce

Caesar Style Sauce

McDonald's Crispy Onions

Crispy Onions

McDonald's Lettuce


McDonald's Streaky Bacon

Streaky Bacon

The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Crispy Prices in UK

The price of McDonald’s “The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Crispy” in the UK is £4.89 and there may be variations in price depending on different locations within the UK.

McDonald’s wrap of the day meal price in UK

Certainly! The meal prices for “The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Crispy” at McDonald’s, including the wrap, are as follows:

  • Medium Meal: £6.59
  • Large Meal: £7.29

Nutritional Summary of The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Crispy


Energy kJ (27 % RI)

532 kcal

Energy kcal (27 % RI)


fat (36 % RI)


saturated fat (20 % RI)


sugars (3 % RI)



salt (40 % RI)

Nutritional Information: McDonald’s The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Crispy

Nutritional InformationPer Portion%RI (Adult)
Energy (KJ)222627% RI*
Energy (Kcal)53227% RI*
fat (g)2536% RI*
of which saturated (g)4.120% RI*
carbohydrates (g)5019% RI*
of which sugar (g)2.63% RI*
fiber (g)3.7
protein (g)2550% RI*
salt (g)2.440% RI*

Ingredients and Allergens Details

McDonald’s prioritises the well-being and safety of its customers. When selecting the Wrap of the Day, kindly take note of the provided allergen details to ensure a safe dining experience.

Allergy Advice: For allergens including cereals containing gluten see ingredients in BOLD

Enjoy McDonald’s Wrap of the Day, ‘The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One – Crispy’, available every Monday and Saturday.

Ingredients: Chicken breast meat (57%) and water are mixed with wheat flour, which has an allergen: wheat. Sunflower and rapeseed oils, starch, and yeast extract are added. There’s also modified starch, salt, and spices (contain celery).

Acidity regulators (sodium carbonate, trisodium citrate) are used, along with wheat gluten, another allergen. Raising agents (diphosphates, sodium bicarbonates) help with texture, along with onion and garlic powder. Spice extract (contain celery), carrageenan as a stabilizer, and dextrose for flavor are also included.

All the above may contain traces of milk and mustard.
Prepared in the restaurants using non-hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Taste the delightful ‘Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Crispy’ in McDonald’s Wrap of the Day UK, available every Monday and Saturday. Carefully made, the big tortilla wrap, a main part of McDonald’s wraps, has ingredients like wheat flour (made better with calcium, niacin, iron, thiamin), wholemeal wheat flour, and rapeseed oil for good taste and health. Ingredients like glycerol and stabilizers keep the wrap soft and fresh. Remember, the wrap has allergens like wheat and might have bits of sesame seeds, milk, barley, and rye. We always toast all our tortilla wraps, even the ones in the McDonald’s wrap of the day, to make sure they taste great every time you have McDonald’s.

Discover the secret behind the tasty Caesar Style Sauce in McDonald’s wraps, a key part of the yummy ‘Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Crispy’. This special sauce is made from a mix of water, rapeseed oil, and spirit vinegar, with added hard cheese (from milk) and egg yolk for creaminess. It’s sweetened with sugar and thickened with modified starch, and has a bit of a kick from Dijon mustard. Garlic powder, black pepper, and a special savory seasoning give it extra flavor. Stabilizers like xanthan gum and guar gum keep it just right, while lactic acid helps it stay fresh. Preserved with potassium sorbate, this sauce really boosts the taste of McDonald’s wraps, making them a must-try on your next visit, especially on Mondays and Saturdays for the wrap of the day.

In the McDonald’s ‘Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Crispy’ wrap, the onions are 100% white onions. They give a crunchy texture and a slightly sharp taste, making the wrap taste even better.

Ingredients: Onions (70%), Vegetable Oils (Palm, Rapeseed), Allergen Ingredient:WHEAT Flour, Salt.

In the McDonald’s ‘Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Crispy’ wrap and other daily wraps, only fresh lettuce is used. It adds a crunchy and refreshing taste to the wrap, making it more flavorful and nutritious for you.

The streaky bacon in McDonald’s ‘Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Crispy’ wrap is made from pork belly. It may have salt, smoke flavoring, or smoke water, as well as preservatives like sodium nitrite and sodium ascorbate. These ingredients give the wrap a rich, smoky taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A crispy chicken Caesar wrap from McDonald’s contains 532 calories, 25 grams of total fat, and 25 grams of protein.

Many Caesar wraps aren’t seen as healthy because they’re packed with calories, mostly from the dressing and the wrap. But if you make them at home, you can choose better ingredients and make them healthier.

A McDonald’s chicken and bacon wrap has 24 grams of protein, 493 calories, 53 grams of carbs, and 20 grams of fat.

A McDonald’s Caesar chicken has 293.76 calories, 24.76 grams of protein, and 4.41 grams of sugars.

The McDonald’s Caesar Chicken McWrap has 100% Aussie RSPCA Approved chicken breast, lettuce, bacon, parmesan, and Caesar dressing, all in a tasty wholemeal wrap.


McDonald’s offers ‘The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One – Crispy’ as part of its Wrap of the Day on Mondays and Saturdays. This wrap has crispy chicken, Caesar-style sauce, onions, and bacon in a tortilla. It’s a flavorful choice with 532 calories per serving.

McDonald’s considers allergies and cooks in healthier ways. Prices may vary, and they provide allergy information. The article also shares nutrition details and how to contact McDonald’s. It ends by highlighting the tasty and well-prepared food.

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